How to use an ampersand in a form name, menu, or control


This article describes how to use an ampersand (&) in a form name, a menu, or a control in Microsoft Outlook.

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When you want to have an ampersand (&) appear in a form name, a custom menu name, a control name, or a create a note item, you must use two ampersands (&&).

A single ampersand is used to designate an access key or an accelerator key. When you view a form name with a single ampersand in it, the character immediately following the ampersand is underlined. That character is that form's associated access key.

When you use an access key, you can click a menu or a control if you press ALT and type a designated character. When the menu is open, you can click a command by pressing ALT and the letter (the access key) that is assigned to the command. For example, ALT+E then P clicks Paste from the Edit menu because the letter "P" is the access key for the Paste command. Access key assignments appear as an underlined letter in the menu command caption.

To use an ampersand in a custom form name, follow these steps:

  1. Open and then customize a form that you want to publish.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Forms, and then click Publish Form.
  3. In the Display Name box, type the form name by using two ampersands.
For example, when you use "B && B" as the form name, the form name is "B & B."

Note If you view the form title when you click a form in the Choose Form or Design Form box, the title of the form appears with both ampersands. For example, the form appears as "B & B" in a menu, but it appears as "B && B" in the Choose Form or Design Form box.


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