Why does "An error occurred when sending commands to the program" appear when opening Excel 2010 files? (Easy Fix Article)

Applies to: Excel 2010

Scenario Description

It's kinda weird, why does the "User Account Control" window appear everytime when I open Excel 2010 files, along with the error message "An error occurred when sending commands to the program" after pressing "Yes"? The Excel contents are greyed out, making it impossible to open files properly. How can I solve this problem?

Simple solutions 123

First, click the "Start" button and then click "Computer".

Next, locate the following folder X:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14. The Drive C is used as an example here.

If the folder is not in Drive C, change X to the drive letter where the [Program Files] folder is located.

Right-click EXCEL and click [Properties].

And then, click [Compatibility] and uncheck [Run as system administrator].

Open Excel 2011, click [File], and click [Options].

Click [Advanced], uncheck [Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)], click [OK], and then close Excel 2010.

The next time you open any Excel file, no error message should appear and the file can be opened properly.

If this still does not work, proceed with the following steps. Click [File] and then click [Options].

Click [Add-in], select [COM add-in] from the [Management] option, and then click [Run].

Uncheck all the Add-ins and then click [OK] to see if the problem has been solved. If it has, find out which add-in caused this issue through process of elimination, and then remove that particular add-in.

If the same problem persists, please refer to the articles in below "Other relevant information".

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