Virtual Machines report 'Unsupported Cluster Configuration' in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008


Virtual machines report 'Unsupported Cluster Configuration' in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (SCVMM). The "Refresh Host Cluster" job takes 15-20 minutes to complete in the SCVMM console and you may see that Failover Cluster Manager takes too long to populate the Cluster Shared Volumes and other disk resources. The following error may also be generated:

Warning (13926)

Host cluster was not fully refreshed because not all of the nodes could be contacted. Highly available storage and virtual network information reported for this cluster might be inaccurate. 

Recommended Action

Ensure that all the nodes are online and do not have Not Responding status in Virtual Machine Manager. Then refresh the host cluster again.


This is can be caused by antivirus on-demand scanning as indicated in the example trace below.

Trace Details:
28029,19:49:19.667 09-08-2011,0x1DC0,0x08C0,4,HyperVAuthStore.cs,347,0x00000000,SetRoleAssignment: ignore the exception; retry...,{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000},1,

28030,19:49:19.667 09-08-2011,0x1DC0,0x08C0,4,HyperVAuthStore.cs,347,0x00000000,"Microsoft.Carmine.WSManWrappers.WSManProviderException: The file C:\ClusterStorage\volume24\Volume1.vhd cannot be accessed because it is in use by another process on the <hostName> server.
..Wait until the other process is completed; and then try the operation again.
at Microsoft.Carmine.WSManWrappers.ErrorContextParameterHelper.ThrowTranslatedCarmineException(ErrorInfo ei; Exception ex)
at Microsoft.Carmine.WSManWrappers.WsmanAPIWrapper.Invoke(String actionUri; String url; Hashtable parameters; Type returnType; Boolean isCarmineMethod)
at Microsoft.Carmine.WSManWrappers.AzManUtility.SetRoleAssignment(WsmanAPIWrapper wsmanObject; String Scope; String RoleName; String[] Accounts; Boolean AccountsAreSIDs; ErrorInfo& ErrorInfo)
at Microsoft.VirtualManager.Engine.HyperVAuthStore.SetVMRoleAssignment(Host host; VMData vm; String[] roles; String[] scopes)
*** Carmine error was: HostAgentSharingViolation (2908); HR: 0x80070020
*** C:\ClusterStorage\volume24\Volume1.vhd ** Host1** ",{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000},1,

NoteThis is not isolated to anti-virus applications and can also be caused by any application that places a handle on a shared disk.


1.       Configure your antivirus real time scanning component to exclude scanning .VHDand .AVHD files.

2.       Open the SCVMM Admin console and refresh the cluster.

3.       The SCVMM Admin console should now display the correct status for the virtual machine.

NoteBe sure that you fully understand the implications of any anti-virus changes you make and how they may affect your specific environment.

More Information

Contact the antivirus vendor for further information on disabling the on-demanding scanning or excluding the cluster storage volumes from scanning.

For more information on recommended antivirus exclusions for Hyper-V, please reference the following article:

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