VBA Printer.Copies number ignored in Access 2007 and Access 2010

Applies to: Microsoft Office Access 2007Access 2010


In Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Access 2010 when you attempt to programmatically print a form or report and use the Printer.Copies property to assign the number of copies, only one copy prints, even though you specified multiple copies.


Microsoft is aware of this problem in Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Access 2010.


The following workarounds can resolve the issue:

Workaround 1: Use the PrintOut action of the DoCmd object

For example, use the following code for the click event of a button on your form:
Private Sub <NameOfButton> Click()
DoCmd.OpenReport "<Name of report>", acViewPreview

DoCmd.SelectObject acReport, "<Name of report>", False

DoCmd.PrintOut , , , , <Number of copies>

DoCmd.Close acReport, "<Name of report>"

End Sub

Workaround 2: Send the same report to the printer multiple times

Paste the following in the click event of a button on your form:

Call PrintReportCopies("<reportName>", <# of copies>)

Add the following code to a module in the database:

Public Sub PrintReportCopies(strRptName As String, intNumCopies As Integer)

Dim i As Integer

For i = 1 to intNumCopies
DoCmd.OpenReport strRptName
Next i

End Sub

More Information

For more information on working with printer settings for forms and reports refer to:

How to Work with Form and Report Printer Settings

Steps to reproduce:

1. In a new blank database in Access 2007 or Access 2010 create a blank report, "rptTest". Add a label to the details section with the text "Test".
2. Create a new module and paste the following code in the module:

Public Sub PrintReport(sRepName As String, iCopies As Integer)
DoCmd.OpenReport sRepName, acViewPreview

Reports(sRepName).Printer.Copies = iCopies

DoCmd.Close acReport, sRepName, acSaveYes

DoCmd.OpenReport sRepName, acViewNormal

End Sub

3. Call the PrintReport procedure and provide the name of the report and the number of copies to print; for instance:
Call PrintReport "rptTest",2

Results: Only 1 copy prints