MSInfo32 Displays "Not Available" for "Installed Physical Memory (RAM)"

Applies to: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3


MSINFO32 displays a comprehensive view of your hardware, system components, and software environment. MSInfo32 uses the GetPhysicallyInstalledSystemMemory function to obtain the "Installed Physical Memory (RAM)" value displayed in the System Summary. If the GetPhysicallyInstalledSystemMemory function fails, "Not Available" is displayed.


A common reason for the function's failure is when the computer's SMBIOS returns a size that is smaller than that reported to the Memory Manager by the BIOS within WinLoad.


Contact the hardware manufacturer for an updated SMBIOS.

More Information

Refer to the GetPhysicallyInstalledSystemMemory function's documentation below for additional reasons.