Troubleshoot viewing free/busy information between Lotus Notes and Outlook when you use Binary Tree’s CMT for Coexistence software in Office 365 Dedicated


Binary Tree’s CMT for Coexistence software accesses the Availability service in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to retrieve free/busy information across forests. You may have problems viewing free/busy information between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook 2010 when Binary Tree’s CMT for Coexistence software is used for cross-forest free/busy lookups. In this case, follow the steps in the "How to troubleshoot problems viewing free/busy information" section to troubleshoot problems.

How to troubleshoot problems viewing free/busy information

  1. Contact Binary Tree to verify there are no problems with the coexistence infrastructure.
  2. Before you submit a service request to Binary Tree, please review the following articles for more information about the issues that you are experiencing: If these articles do not provide a resolution to your problem, you can submit a service request through the following Binary Tree website: Or, you can send an email message to Binary Tree support at

    When you submit a service request or open a support case with Binary Tree Support about CMT for Coexistence free/busy issues, please include the following information to speed up the investigation:
    • Version of Coexistence that is used when issue occurs
    • Version of Exchange
    • Version of Domino on Mail servers
    • Version of Domino on Coexistence server
    • Steps to reproduce issue

    For free/busy issues from Domino
    • Submit the notes.ini file. Or, submit the following notes.ini settings to generate logs:
      • BTCOEX_LOGDATA=11 - logs request and response data to the files, not the console
      • BTCOEX_SERVER_LOG=6 - log apache axis status of OL->Domino responses to btserver.log
      • BTCOEX_CLIENT_LOG=6 - log apache axis status of Notes->Exchange requests to btclient.log
      • BTCOEX_LOG=8 - log all BT code to output.log
      And, submit the following files:
      • logs\btclient.log file
      • logs\btserver.log file
      • data\IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT\output.log file
      • data\logs.nsf file - domino console log
    For free/busy issues from Exchange
    • Event log
  3. If Binary Tree identifies a problem with the Exchange Server Availability service, please use the Exchange Online topic and the Free Busy sub-topic when you submit a support incident online to Microsoft Online Services Support, or contact Microsoft Online Services Support by telephone . Also, provide the output of the BT Availability Service for Exchange Web Services utility when you escalate the issue to Microsoft. This tool is provided by Binary Tree and provides diagnostic information about the connection to the Exchange Server Availability services. For more information about resources for the CMT for Coexistence product documentation, visit the following website: 

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