Multiple MPIO id=37 entries in System-Event Log


Multiple MPIO id=37 entries may appear in the System-Event Log if using EMC data replication solutions such as Clariion MirrorView/Cluster Enabler or Recoverpoint/Cluster Enabler. This may be more likely in Win2003/Win2008 failover clusters with secondary/target arrays.


This is the result of normal MPIO function when MPIO-controlled devices are in a not-ready state, because the EMC DSM may use throttle/resume for them.


This is normal if using EMC data replication. If Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) or other software is used to inspect the System-Event Log, a filter may be used to exclude such entries.

More Information

MPIO id=37 entries may be used for events other than throttle/resume. If there is a question of the nature of the events, contact Microsoft support for diagnosis.

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