Small font of command window for Central European languages


The font size of the command prompt window is too small (4x6) on the following languages of Windows 7, hu-hu, cs-cz and sr-latn, pl-pl, sk-skl, when the DPI of the desktop is set higher than 100. The font size of the command prompt window could also be very small (4x6) when the system locale is changed to 1250 (e.g. Hungarian or Turkmen).


This is a known issue for certain Central European language such as Hungarian, Polish, and Czech. The root cause is that the code page is set to 1250 by default.


There are two possible workarounds
1. Go to the properties dialog and change the font to a bigger size
2. Go back to 96 DPI (100%)

More Information

To Change Fonts
1. Select properties of the command line windows. Click the Font tab.
2. In the Font box, click a font.

• If you click a TrueType font, the Size menu displays a list of point sizes to choose from, or you can enter a size by typing the number in the Size box. To use bold with TrueType fonts, select the Bold Fonts check box.

• If you click Raster Fonts, the sizes that are listed in the Size box are the window size choices.

• The Window Preview box displays how the current window's size will change based on the font and font size you selected.

• The Selected Font box shows how characters will appear with the specified font settings. Bold is not available with Raster fonts.

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