DFSR Read-Only Server reporting an outgoing backlog

Applies to: Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1Windows Server 2008 R2 StandardWindows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise More


You have configured a DFS Replicated Folder as Read-Only.

The volume hosting the replicated folder has 8.3 file name creation enabled and contains files / folders named using 8.3 file naming convention.

How Windows Generated 8.3 File Names from Long File Names:

You have applied hotfix documented in KB 2285835 "An outgoing replication backlog occurs after you convert a read/write replicated folder to a read-only replicated folder in Windows Server 2008 R2"

When you run a backlog report specifying the read-only server as the sending member, the backlog report shows files in the outgoing list:

i.e. dfsrdiag backlog /SendingMember:<Read-Only Server Name> /ReceivingMember:<Read Write Server Name> /RGName:<Name of Replication Group> /RFName:<Name of the Read-Only Replicated Folder>

In addition, the files reported in the outgoing backlog of the Read-Only server are not present on the Read-Only server, but appear on the Read-Write server.

NOTE: The Backlog reported on the Read-Only server is purely cosmetic, and there are no files waiting to be replicated from Read-Only to Read-Write server.


DFSR does not support 8.3 type file names on NTFS volumes where 8.3 file name generation is turned on


To resolve this issue, disable 8.3 file name generation on DFSR volume(s) and reinitialize the Replicated Folder experiencing the issue. This needs to be performed on all DFSR servers replicating the folder experiencing the issue.

How to Disable 8.3 Name Creation on NTFS Volume

From an elevated command prompt, run fsutil.exe command
fsutil.exe 8dot3name set 1

Reinitialize the Read-Only Replicated Folder on the DFSR server experiencing the issue:

1. Open DFSR Management Console
2. Locate the Replication Group and Replicated Folder
3. Click on the Memberships Tab
4. Right-Click on the read-only member experiencing the issue and select "Disable"
5. Select "Yes" when prompted to dissable membership
6. Make sure that all Upstream servers have picked up the change in configuration
7. Right-Click on the disablked member and select "Enable"

Check the DFS Replication Event Log to monitor the progress on initial sync.

NOTE: An event id: 4102 will be logged once the member has been enabled indicating that the Folder has started initial synchronization of the data. Once initial sync has completed and event id: 4104 will be logged indicating that the folder has completed initial sync. Initial sync may take longer to complete for Replicated Folder containing large amounts of data.