SharePoint: Performance problems Using Data Form Web Parts on Publishing pages


Consider the following scenario:

  • Using SharePoint Designer you customize a list view web part and convert it to data form web part
  • You export the final customized web part as a '.webpart' file
  • You create a publishing page in a publishing web and import the '.webpart' file
  • The site collection that contains this publishing page is visited by several thousand authenticated users
  • When you go to check-out this page, the operation might take several minutes to complete and potentially time-out


Data form web parts set an internal property to load and cache all active users of the site collection to improve rendering performance. However, on publishing pages and publishing sites, this can lead to reloading all active users when the checked-out item is stored in the object cache. Reloading of several thousand users from the content database increases the time it takes to render the publishing page when it is checked out.


Use Content Query Web Part to display customized list data on publishing pages.

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007