You continue to receive email messages that are sent to a connected account in Office 365 after you remove the connected account from Office 365


After you remove a connected email account from a Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox in Microsoft Office 365, you continue to receive email messages that are sent to the connected account in the Exchange Online mailbox. Additionally, when you open the Exchange admin center, you don't see any connected accounts under Connected Accounts.


This issue occurs if the subscription object that's associated with the connected account wasn't removed or updated successfully.


To resolve this issue, check whether forwarding rules are set up on the external mail account. If rules are set up, remove them. If no rules are set up, or if the issue persists after you remove the rules, manually remove the connected account. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Connect to Exchange Online by using remote PowerShell. For more information about how to do this, go to the following Microsoft website:Note Only Exchange Online administrators can connect to Exchange Online by using Windows PowerShell.
  2. Remove the connected account again. To do this, run the following cmdlet:
    Remove-Subscription <ConnectedEmailAddress> –Mailbox "<Office365EmailAddress>" 
    For example, if the email address of the connected account is <useralias> and your Office 365 email address is, use the following command:
    Remove-Subscription <useralias> –Mailbox"" 
    Note When you are prompted to confirm the removal, type Y to confirm this action.
  3. Sign in to the Office 365 account again, and then confirm that the user is no longer receiving email messages from the connected account that you removed.


For more information about the Windows PowerShell cmdlets that are available for Microsoft Exchange Online, go to the following Microsoft website:

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