Error Code 0000C800 is generated when connecting to the App-V Management Console


When connecting to the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V or SoftGrid) Management Web Service from the App-V Management Console, you receive the following error message:

Unexpected error occurred.
Please report the following error code to your system administrator.
Error code: 0000C800


This can occur if TCP/IP is disabled in SQL Server Configuration Manager under SQL Server Network Configurationon the App-V Database SQL Server.


On the SQL Server where the App-V Database resides, launch SQL Server Configuration Manager, navigate and expand the SQL Server Network Configuration node and enable the TCP/IP protocol on the SQL instance that hosts the App-V Database.


On a default install of SQL there will be a Protocols for MSSQLSERVER listed under SQL Server Network Configuration. Highlight Protocols for MSSQLSERVER, right click on TCP/IP in the right hand pane and choose Enable from the Context Menu.

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