How to save Faxes to a Network Location using Windows Fax and Scan


You configure Windows Fax and Scan to save received faxes to a network share on a Windows 2003 File Server from a Windows 7 client with a Fax modem installed.

The following error occurs: "You do not have security permissions to complete this operation.”


The folder on the Windows 2003 File server was not shared with correct accounts and permissions.

The full UNC path to the destination folder was used instead of the short name \\machinename\sharedfolder where "sharedfolder" could be a sub-folder 


The following steps will configure the shared folder to save the received faxes on the Windows 2003 File Server:

1. Create a shared folder, for example "Receivedfaxes".  This folder on the Windows 2003 File Server requires the Windows 7 machine account added with Full Control permissions and the Network Service account for the Windows 2003 file server added with Full Control Permissions

2. On the Windows 7 machine, open Windows Fax and Scan - Click Tools\Fax Settings\

3. On the General Tab, click "More Options" button then click "Save a copy to" button.  Type the short name path to the shared folder.  Example: \\machinename\receivedfaxes

NOTE:  Do Not Use the full UNC path 

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