Error 0000B00F when attempting to delete a server from the Default Server Group in Microsoft Application Virtualization


When attempting to delete a Server from the Default Server Group in the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Virtualization Management Console, the following error code is received:



This occurs because there are licenses assigned to the server that have to be removed before it can be deleted from the Default Server Group. If these licenses have not been automatically removed, it is typically due to the SoftGrid Close Orphaned Sessions Job failing to run or erroring out when it attempted to run. If the App-V database was migrated from another server, it's also possible that the four SoftGrid jobs were not be migrated over along with the database, meaning that these Orphaned Session entries never get cleared from the dbo.LICENSE_ASSIGNMENTS table.


Manually run the SoftGrid Close Orphaned Sessions SQL Job to clear out the licenses or manually delete them from the dbo.LICENSE_ASSIGNMENTS table.

First, to determine the server_id of the server that cannot be deleted from the Default Server Group, look at the dbo.SERVERS table which will have the name and hostname fields to identify it (e.g. Server1 has a server_id of 1). Run the following SQL query against the App-V database to determine how many licenses are assigned to Server1:

Select * from License_assignments where server_id = 1

To delete these records directly from the App-V database, run the following SQL query against the App-V database:

Delete from License_assignments where server_id = 1

NOTE Please make a backup of the App-V database prior to running any command or making any modification.

More Information

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