[SDP 3][7b5791e2-2449-4351-867a-a22d34449d15] Data that is collected by the Excel Support Diagnostic

Applies to: Microsoft Office Excel 2003Microsoft Office Excel 2007Excel 2010


This Support Diagnostics Platform (SDP) manifest file collects relevant log files, registry keys, client networking configuration, application event logs, and important file details that are used by the following Microsoft Office applications: 
  • Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Also, to help troubleshoot common support issues, a series of configuration checks are run to check whether you may be encountering the condition that is specified by the check.

This article discusses the data that is collected by the Microsoft Excel Baseline Diagnostic.

More Information

When you run the Excel Baseline Diagnostic, you receive a message that resembles the following. The message asks whether you want to have fixes applied automatically or by selecting them yourself: 

You see several items that are running, and then you see a prompt that resembles the following. The prompt lets you know that the Excel application will have to be open to continue. 

You should click Skip only if you are experiencing startup issues (for example, crashes) with the selected application.

  • All file names in the data collection are prefaced by <ComputerName>. This placeholder represents the name of the computer on which the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool is run.
  • Some file names in the data collection include <full path>. This placeholder represents the full path of the file on the hard disk.

Data that is collected for all Office applications

Add-ins that are installed for the Office application
DescriptionFile NameFormats
List of third-party add-ins<ComputerName>_3rd_party_addins.*.txt
List of Microsoft add-ins<ComputerName>_msft_addins.*.txt

Third-party modules that are running under the Office application
DescriptionFile nameFormats
List of third-party modules running under the selected process<ComputerName>_3rd_party_Modules.*.txt

Autorun information
For more information about the Autoruns utility that is used to collect this information, go to the following Microsoft TechNet website:

DescriptionFile nameFormats
Autorun information <ComputerName>_Autoruns.* .xml, .htm

Application and System logs

Events from the last 15 days are recorded in the full
DescriptionFile nameFormats
Event log - Application<ComputerName>_evt_Application.*.txt, .csv, .evtx
Event log - System <ComputerName>_evt_System.*.txt, .csv, .evtx
Event log - OAlerts <ComputerName>_evt_OAlerts.*.txt, .csv, .evtx
- File created from the Application event logs: <ComputerName>_crash_events_applog.csv
Environment variables
This set of environment variables is a subset of those that are displayed by running the Set command at a command prompt.

DescriptionFile nameFormats
List containing environment variables and their values<ComputerName>_EnvironmentVariables.*.txt

Uploaded files
DescriptionFile nameFormats
File containing any additional file(s) that you elected to upload to Microsoft<ComputerName>_File.*.zip

Updates Installed 
DescriptionFile nameFormats
List of updates that are installed on the client<ComputerName>_Hotfixes.*.txt, .htm, .csv
Software Installed
DescriptionFile nameFormats
List of software products that are installed on the client <ComputerName>_Installed_Products.*.csv
List of processes that are running on the computer
DescriptionFile nameFormats
List of processes and related services running on the computer<ComputerName>_Processes.*.txt
List of non-Microsoft processes and services running on the computer<ComputerName>_Non_Microsoft_Services_Running.*.csv
List of Enabled Startup Items<ComputerName>_Startup_Items_Enabled.*.csv

Windows registry keys

Windows registry locations below are exported in full .reg files. Text files are then created from these files. 

DescriptionFile nameFormats
Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (filtered)<ComputerName>_HKCR_XLnExtsFiltered.*.txt, .reg
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts <ComputerName>_HKCU_FileExts.*.txt, .reg

Networking details

DescriptionFile nameFormats
List with network-related parameters<ComputerName>_SMB-Info.*.txt
List with TCP/IP-related information from the computer<ComputerName>_TcpIp-Info.*.txt

Robust Office Inventory Scan output
DescriptionFile nameFormats
List of installed applications of the supported Office families <ComputerName>_ROIScan.*.xml, .log

Excel data

In addition to the data that is listed in the "Data that is collected for all Office applications" section, the following files are collected specifically for Microsoft Office Excel when you run this diagnostic.

Information about the XLStart folder

DescriptionFile nameFormats
Summary of files found in the following folder and subfolders:
Summary of files that are found in the following folder:
\{Office Install folder}\XLStart
Summary of Excel specific information <ComputerName>_Excel_Configuration_Summary.*.txt
Additional Configuration Information that may affect Excel<ComputerName>_Excel_Additional_Summary.*.txt

File information for important Excel files

Text and .csv files contain details about important files that are used by Excel.

File details include: Version, Location, Description, Size, Date, Company

DescriptionFile nameFormats
Common Office program file information <ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesOffice.*.csv, .txt
32-bit Common Office program file information<ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesx86Office.*.csv, .txt
Common System program file information<ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesSystem.*.csv, .txt
32-bit Common System program file information<ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesx86System.*.csv, .txt
Common VBA Program file information<ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesVBA.*.csv, .txt
32-bit Common VBA Program file information<ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesx86VBA.*.csv, .txt
Common VSTO Program file information<ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesVSTO.*.csv, .txt
32-bit Common VSTO Program file information<ComputerName>_sym_CommonProgramFilesx86VSTO.*.csv, .txt
Office Program information<ComputerName>_sym_ProgramFilesOffice.*.csv, .txt
Office Addins Program information<ComputerName>_sym_ProgramFilesOfficeAddins.*.csv, .txt
System 32 information<ComputerName>_sym_System32.*.csv, .txt
System 32 (64-bit) information<ComputerName>_sym_Syswow64.*.csv, .txt
64-bit Click-to-Run Program File Information<ComputerName>_sym_C2R_ProgramFilesCommonx64.*.csv, .txt
32-bit Click-to-Run Program File Information<ComputerName>_sym_C2R_ProgramFilesCommonx86.*.csv, .txt

DescriptionFile nameFormats
.DLL files currently running under the Excel.exe process <ComputerName>_sym_excel_Process.*.csv, .txt


DescriptionFile NameFormats
Resultant set of policy (RSoP) generated by gpresult.exe <ComputerName>_GPResult.*.htm, .csv
List of modules and the status of their signature <ComputerName>_Module_Signature_Status.*.txt
List of Printers<ComputerName>_Printers.*.txt
List of Video Driver Information<ComputerName>_VideoDriverInformation.*.txt
Click-to-Run Configuration Information<ComputerName>_Click-To-Run_Details.*.txt
Summary of File Association information most relevant to Excel<ComputerName>_Excel_File_Associations.*.txt

Reports created for the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT)

DescriptionFile NameFormats
Summary of OffCAT Information<ComputerName>_OffCAT_Report.*.html
OffCAT results<ComputerName>_OffCAT_Results.*.xml, .xml.log
Related article: 
Office Configuration Analyzer Tool

Fixes Offered

Fixes are offered for known issues while running this utility. Knowledge Base articles are provided for more information with each fix offered. You may choose to apply the fix automatically or opt-out. If choosing to opt-out, please review the articles and apply the fixes manually as you choose. 

Known issue

If the tool offers you only one opportunity to "fix" an issue and you opt out, the tool may appear to run successfully. However, results will not be uploaded. 

To work around this issue, run the diagnostic package by using the Additional Methods option.


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