Out-of-box workflows in Office SharePoint Server 2007 have been rebuilt as declarative workflows in SharePoint Server 2010


This article provides additional information about the existence and usage of the out-of-box workflows shipped with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 after upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, or Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. The term out-of-box workflows in SharePoint Server 2007, refers to the three workflows; Collect Feedback, Approval and Collect Signatures.

The three out-of-box workflows; Collect Feedback, Approval and Collect Signatures in SharePoint 2007, are dynamic link library based workflows that cannot be opened or modified with SharePoint Designer. You can only modify their settings. Within SharePoint Server 2010, these workflows have been recreated as declarative workflows. These new declarative workflows can be opened, edited and saved in SharePoint Designer.

More Information

The 2007 dynamic link library based workflows are still available for backward compatibility and any workflow associations that have been brought to SharePoint 2010 after an upgrade from 2007 are fully supported by Microsoft and will still run using these dynamic link library based workflows. 

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