Description of the Outlook 2010 update: November 13, 2012

Applies to: Microsoft Outlook 2010


Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Outlook 2010. This update provides the latest fixes for the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Outlook 2010. Additionally, this update contains stability and performance improvements.

Issues that this update fixes

  • When you connect to the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online service by using an expired password, Outlook 2010 enters a disconnected state. However, you do not receive a notification that states that the password expired.

    Note After you install this hotfix, a dialog box appears before the password expires. The dialog box lets you open a URL to change your password.
  • Assume that Outlook 2010 is displayed in a right-to-left language such as Arabic or Hebrew. Additionally, assume that you press Ctrl, you right-click the Outlook icon in the notification area, and then you click Connection Status. In this situation, the content in the Microsoft Exchange Connection Status dialog box is not displayed correctly.
  • When you accept a meeting request in certain time zones, Outlook 2010 crashes.

    This issue occurs in the Jerusalem time zone.


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