When using prestaged media in Configuration Manager 2007, the partition name is set to the ID of the user who created it


When creating and deploying prestaged media using System Center Configuration Manager 2007, when the WIM comes back from the OEM on a new target machine the label of the C: drive on the target machine is set to the ID of the user that created the media.

NOTE See the following for more information about prestaged media: http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2011/01/11/how-to-stage-task-sequence-prestaged-media-on-a-hard-drive-in-configuration-manager-2007.aspx


This occurs because the media creation process manipulates the label of the C: drive by editing the label attribute in AutoRun.INF.


Follow these steps to modify AutoRun.INF (which is inside the WIM) and remove the label attribute:

1. Run imagex.exe to mount the WIM (for example: WIM is e:\osd2\image3.wim):

Md mount
Cd\program files\windows aik\tools\x86
Imagex.exe /mountrw 1 e:\osd2\image3.wim c:\mount

2. Edit AutoRun.INF removing the lines containing Label= and Icon=:

Notepad c:\mount\autorun.inf

3. Run imagex.exe to unmount the WIM (make sure to exit out of c:\mount or a File in Use error may occur):

         Imagex.exe /unmount /commit c:\mount

4. Update the WIM image on all Distribution Points with a new package source version.

5. Continue following the standard steps to create and deploy prestaged media per the article listed below in the More Information section.

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