Issues when you retrieve SharePoint list data in Access

Applies to: Access 2016Access 2013Access 2010 More



When you request data from Microsoft SharePoint lists in Microsoft Access, you may receive one of the following error messages:

Or, you may experience one of the following issues:

  • Access exits unexpectedly or crashes when you try to open a linked table.
  • Access appears deadlocked when you try to open a linked table.


When Access requests list items from a SharePoint list, Access waits a finite period of time for that data to be returned. Specifically, if Access doesn’t receive the data for the given batch after 30 seconds, it aborts the request and may resend the batch as a new request. If Access encounters failures when sending these batches, the program may give up and return an error message.

Some conditions that may cause this issue are:

  • There's a problem with the health of the Microsoft SharePoint Server, for example, it runs slowly.
  • You have a low-bandwidth connection.
  • You have a large or complex SharePoint list or document library.
  • There's a long distance between you and the server.
  • There are more than 255 columns in the SharePoint list or document library.
  • You are throttled when you use SharePoint Online. For more information about throttling in SharePoint Online, see Avoid getting throttled or blocked in SharePoint Online.


To fix the issue, use one of the following methods:

  • Method 1: Reduce the response time by avoiding the conditions that may cause the issues.
  • Method 2: Reduce the amount of data requested from the server by using a view in SharePoint and then linking Access to that view.

    For detailed information on how to create a linked table which uses the SharePoint view, see ImportSharePointList Macro Action.

  • Method 3: Increase the time-out in Access by adding the DataFetchTimeout registry entry
    Note The DataFetchTimeout registry entry originally only applied to read requests when Access synchronizes its cached data with the SharePoint list. Starting in Access 2016 Click-to-Run builds 16.0.9215.5830, this registry entry also applies to Insert, Update, and Delete operations.