"Restore Defaults” are truncated in "Folder Options" Dialog of Windows 7 SP1 Turkish


In Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Turkish version, the Turkish display of "Restore Defaults" is too long for a few buttons and may be truncated. This problem happens in the "View" tab of "Folder and Search Options" Dialog. The same button displays well in other tabs of this Dialog. 


This is a known issue. 


This behavior doesn't impact the function of Operating System. 

More Information

You may observe this behavior by the following steps:

1. Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Turkish version. 
2. Click "Start" then "Computer" to open computer explorer. 
3. In computer explorer, click "Organize" from the tool bar, and then "Folder and search options". It will prompt the dialog box of "Folder Options".  
4. In the "General" tab of the dialog, you may see "Restore Defaults" button in normal display. 
5. Switch to "View" tab, then check the "Restore Defaults" button. As the button size is smaller, it truncates the Turkish display of "Restore Defaults". 

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