Unable to see any performance or availability details using System Center 2012 Operations Manager widgets


    When using performance widgets in System Center 2012 Operations Manager (OpsMgr), you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. While creating Performance widgets, none of the performance objects/counters are shown in the wizard.
  2. You are unable to retrieve availability details using OpsMgr state widgets. 
  3. Network dashboard views are not showing any availability details or performance details.
  4. The Reset Health State task fails with the exception below shown under the task status view:

A module reported an error 0x80070490 from a callback which was running as part of rule "System.Health.ResetState" running for instance    "<instance name>" with id:"{GUID}" in management group "<Management Group Name>".

Error Code: -2130771918 (Unknown error (0x80ff0032)).


This can occur if the Management Group ID is different in the “MT_ManagementGroup” and “__MOMManagementGroupInfo__” tables. If you create the OperationsManager DB using “DBCreateWizard.exe”, the Management Group GUIDs will be different. We can safely change the Management Group ID in “__MOMManagementGroupInfo__” table.

NOTE This issue will only happen on upgraded environments from System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2.


To resolve this issue, complete the steps below.

1. Find the Management Group ID in “MT_ManagementGroup” and “__MOMManagementGroupInfo__” tables. To do this, run the following queries on the OperationsManager Database:

Select ManagementGroupId from __MOMManagementGroupInfo__
Select Id_6B1D1BE8_EBB4_B425_08DC_2385C5930B04 from MT_ManagementGroup

2. If the GUIDs are different, change the Management Group ID in the “__MOMManagementGroupInfo__” table. To do this, run the following query to update the “__MOMManagementGroupInfo__” table:

Update __MOMManagementGroupInfo__ SET ManagementGroupId = '<GUID>'

NOTE Change the “GUID” to match the ID from “MT_ManagementGroup” table.

3. Once the query is executed, restart the System Center Data Access Service, the System Center Management Configuration and the System Center Management services on the Management server.

4. Re-open the OpsMgr console using “clearcache” switch. For example, run the following command at a command prompt:

microsoft.mom.ui.console.exe /clearcache

More Information

Make sure that you have recent backups of the OperationsManager and OperationsManagerDW databases before updating the tables.