Changing a property of a deployment appears to not be saved in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager


When modifying the Deployment options of a Distribution Point in theSelected Deployment Properties dialog box in Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager,the property change does not appear to have been saved.


This happens only when you have selected Make available to boot media and PXE in theDeployment Settings tab of the Selected Deployment Properties dialog box.


This problem is only an issue with the settings that are visible in the user interface.  The change is actually saved correctly in the database. You can run a custom report with a SQL query to verify your settings. 

The below SQL query is an example which will show all task sequences with the Access content directly from a distribution point when needed by the running task sequence deployment option selected.

SELECT pkg.PackageID, pkg.Name, pkg.SourceSite,
  CASE WHEN (adv.RemoteClientFlags & 0x00000008) = 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END AS RunFromDPInFastNetwork,
  CASE WHEN (adv.RemoteClientFlags & 0x00000080) = 0 THEN 0 ELSE 1 END AS RunFromDPInSlowNetwork
FROM v_Advertisement AS adv
INNER JOIN v_Package AS pkg ON pkg.PackageID = adv.PackageID AND pkg.PackageType = 4
WHERE (adv.RemoteClientFlags & 0x00000008) <> 0 OR (adv.RemoteClientFlags & 0x00000080) <> 0