Task Sequence Fails when using Stand-Alone Media in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager


Task Sequence execution fails when using stand-alone media (USB flash drive or CD/DVD) in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.  The task sequence will fail to install applications and the SMSTS.log will contain an error similar to the following:

Failed to invoke Execution Manager to Install Software for PackageID='CAS0002C' ProgramID='setup' AdvertID='{00A2B6FB-8E61-47B6-9702-BBDEAD7FBE8A}'hr=0x87d01004

Items in italics above are based on the environment so will not be consistent but thehr code (in bold) will be. 


This occurs because the Software Distribution Agent is not enabled since the client has not yet received policy. 


To resolve the issue and enable the Software Distribution Agent, add the following Run Command Line step earlier in the Task Sequence, before any Install Package steps:

WMIC /namespace:\\root\ccm\policy\machine\requestedconfig path ccm_SoftwareDistributionClientConfig CREATE ComponentName="Enable SWDist", Enabled="true", LockSettings="TRUE", PolicySource="local", PolicyVersion="1.0", SiteSettingsKey="1" /NOINTERACTIVE

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