An update is available to display the extension number of non-US telephone numbers in contact cards in Lync 2010

Applies to: Lync 2010


This article describes an update that enables Microsoft Lync 2010 to display extension numbers in contact cards for contacts that use a non-US telephone number together with an extension number.

More Information

To display the extension number in the contact card, the administrator must install the following cumulative update:
2737155 Description of the cumulative update package for Lync 2010: October 2012

After the update is installed, the administrator must set the value of the ShowExtensionInFormattedDisplayString client policy to "true." To do this, the administrator must run the following cmdlets in the Lync Server 2010 Management Shell:
$x = New-CsClientPolicyEntry -Name "ShowExtensionInFormattedDisplayString" -Value "True"
$y = Get-CsClientPolicy -Identity Policy_Identity
Set-CsClientPolicy -Instance $y
Note In this command, "Policy_Identity" is a placeholder for the policy identity. For example, you can use "Global" as the policy identity.

For more information about new Address Book features, go to the following Microsoft website:For more information about how to use the New-CsClientPolicyEntry cmdlet, go to the following Microsoft website: