Moving or Copying a publishing page in SharePoint can lose 'Contact' field value


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have SharePoint Server 2010 server and a site collection that uses the Publishing site template.
  • You create a publishing page and set a SharePoint group as the Contact for the page.
  • You use the copy or move operation from 'Manage Content and Structure' page to transfer the page to a different location
In this scenario, after the transfer is completed the Contact field will no longer have the SharePoint group value.


Microsoft acknowledges that this is an expected behavior of the product at the time of creation of this article.

The “Manage Content and Structure” tool does not support SharePoint group information in user fields such as “Contact” for Copy or Move operations.


SharePoint user information in the Contact field, as well as Active Directory group information in the field will be copied and moved as expected. So this issue can be solved by use of an Active Directory group rather than a SharePoint group.

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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010