Some mobile broadband devices do not appear in Task Manager in Windows 8


Assume that you successfully connect to the Internet by using a mobile broadband device on a Windows 8-based computer. However, when you check the Performance tab of Task Manager, the mobile broadband device is not displayed.


This issue can occur because you are using a legacy mobile broadband device that does not support the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) 6.20 driver model. The currently known affected devices are listed in the "More information" section.


To work around this issue, view these kinds of mobile broadband device in Resource Monitor. To open Resource Monitor, click the Performance tab in Task Manager, and then click the Open Resource Monitor link.

Alternatively, you can view the mobile broadband connection in the View Available Networks list in the notification area.

More Information

Known affected devices

The following list contains only the currently known affected devices. This is not a complete list.
  • T-Mobile (US) Jet 1.0 (UMG1691) (Huawei)
  • Sprint U250
  • Sprint Merlin CC208
  • O2 (Germany) E1550 (Huawei)
  • Qualcomm 250U
  • Sprint 598U (Sierra)
  • T-Mobile UMG181 (Huawei)
  • AT&T iCon 322 (Option)
  • Verizon USB760 Movistar (Germany) 351789036786898 (ZTE)
  • O2 (Germany) MF190 (ZTE)
  • BandLuxe (Germany) C170 (BandLuxe)
  • TURKCELL (Turkey) E176G (Huawei)
  • TURKCELL (Turkey) E173 (Huawei)
  • TURKCELL (Turkey) MF 190 (ZTE)
  • 3 (UK) E1550 (Huawei)
  • 3 (UK) E180 (Huawei)
  • TIM (Italy) FW2011T-P1.1 (MYWAVE)
  • TIM (Italy) One Touch x215S (TCT Mobile Limited)
  • TIM (Italy) E1820 (Huawei)
  • Turkcell (Turkey) E372 (Huawei)
  • Turkcell (Turkey) E353 (Huawei)
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