How to recover my account back to my account? (Easy Fix Article)

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I just tried the Microsoft's newly released service, after upgrading to acount, I still miss the old account. Is there anyway to switch back to my account? Sign In page

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Note: once you choose to switch from back to, you can no longer switch back to the same account
For example: once you have changed back from to, you can no longer switch back to the same that you have forgone using. However, you can switch to a different account name such as

First, please find the email with the title "Your new Outlook account is ready for use"in your "Inbox".

Your new Outlook account is ready for use email

And then click "Account Services".

Account Service link in the email

Next, click "Remove" under where your old account is shown.

Remove old email account


Confirm to remove old email account

Next, on the upper-right corner, click your account name, and then click "Account Settings".

Account Settings

Click "Update email address" under your account.

Update email address

Please enter your previous account, and then click "Save".Note: currently, this method does not allow you to change back to email accounts ending with

Use different email account as your Microsoft account

Lastly, please click "OK" and you may log in using your account.

Click OK

If you would also prefer to have the interface changed back to the way Hotmail used to look, please log in using your Hotmail account, and then click the "Settings" button on the upper-right corner, and click "Switch back to Hotmail".

Switch back to Hotmail

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