How To: Send delegated administration offers


A Partner has trouble sending delegated Admin offers, aka DAP invitations

How to add Delegated Administrators


Office 365 and Intune are two different channels.


Instructions for Partners:

Delegated Administration rights are required for managing your customers

To add Delegated Administrator rights, go to


  1. You will be taken to the Microsoft Partner Network page. 

  2. Click the Get Benefits link at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll down the page to the Microsoft Intune section.

  4. Under the Delegated Administration Rights section, click the link "To add Delegated Administrator rights, click here" to add a Delegated Administrator.
  5. Once you have Delegated Administrator Rights, navigate to your Intune Account Portal page at
  6. Next to the links for your Company Portal and Admin Console you should have the "Partner" link. Select it.
  7. In the Partner page you now have the option to send an invitation to become a Delegated Administration Partner ("DAP"). Your client will have to accept the invitation.

Delegated administrators have full administrative access to the Windows Intune administrator console.
Clients that are using another Microsoft Online Service should be aware that Delegated Administrator Partners are granted full access to all Microsoft Online Services for the entire organization, not just to Windows Intune!


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