Restart Manager Inaccurately Notifies User of a Pending Reboot

Applies to: Windows Vista BusinessWindows Vista Business 64-bit EditionWindows Vista Business N


When uninstalling a Windows Installer application you may run into a scenario where files to be removed may or may not be in use and locked. During the uninstall Restart Manager will show a dialog prompting the user to either stop the locking process or allow the machine to be rebooted at the end of the install. A situation is possible where files will have been deleted or updated as requested by Windows Installer but you do not see the reboot prompt at the end of the install.

There is no harm in making any of the choices offered by Restart Manager.  Although a reboot would normally be required if the processes are not stopped, no such reboot will be required or offered.  The dialogs are misleading and can be confusing.


Microsoft acknowledges this behavior in the Restart Manager.


No additional steps are required. This information can be shared with end users to help explain the dialogs.

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