A package is not installed when you are servicing an offline image that has pended content and then try to add the package

Applies to: Windows 8 EnterpriseWindows 8 NWindows 8 Pro N


When you are servicing an offline image that has pended content and then try to add a package by using the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) command-line option /Add-Package /PreventPending, the package is not installed. The /PreventPending argument can be used successfully only when you are servicing an image that has no pended content.

If you service the image by using the /PreventPending argument despite the presence of pended content, the package is falsely reported as "installed" even though no installation operation is complete. At this point, the only way to confirm which servicing operations were successfully completed is to boot into the image. This lets you verify what is installed.


This issue occurs because of the way that the system marks package states during offline servicing operations.


To resolve this issue, do not use the /PreventPending argument to service an offline image if the image has pended content. If you do use the /PreventPending argument, the package state is reported incorrectly until you boot into the image. 

If the image has pended content, you may continue with offline servicing. However, you should not use the /PreventPending argument. If you want to use the /PreventPending argument anyway, you should take one of the following actions: 
  • Boot the image. (This results in the pended content being installed.) Then, recapture the image to continue servicing. 
  • Discard the image, and then start again by using a clean image.

If you use the /PreventPending argument against an offline image that has pended content, the only way to confirm which servicing operations were actually performed and completed is to boot into the system. After the image is online, you can use the /Get-Packages option and other DISM inventory commands to review what is installed in the image. Or, you can recapture the image and continue to service the image offline. Pended content will be cleared from the image after you boot the image and then recapture the image. Querying the servicing state without booting the image will produce incorrect and false results.

More Information

To determine whether the image that is being serviced has pended content, you can look for the Pending.xml file. This file indicates the presence of pended content in the image. If the Pending.xml file is present, you can find it in the WinSxS folder of the image that you are servicing. For example, it will be located in the following folder: 
<mount path>\Windows\WinSxS\

For more information about the DISM command-line options, go to the following Microsoft TechNet website: