[SDP 3][ 4f18caa6-df64-4dfd-a18e-096cf5a6a0fc] IPSEC Trace Logging

Applies to: Windows Server 2012 DatacenterWindows Server 2012 DatacenterWindows Server 2012 Standard


The IPSEC Trace Logging diagnostic collects information to troubleshoot IPSEC-related issues through advanced trace logging.

More Information

This article describes the information that may be collected from a computer when you run IPSEC Trace Logging.

Information collected

DescriptionFile Name
ETL trace log via “Netsh wfp cap start file=ipsecwfp” command{Computername}_IPsecWFP.CAB
WFP CAP trace logIPsecWFP.ETL
WFP System InformationIPsecWFP.xml

DescriptionFile Name
ETL trace log and configuration data via “Netsh trace start capture=yes tracefile=IPsecsdp.etl” command{Computername}_IPsecSDP.CAB
Adapter InformationAdapterinfo.txt
Credential Providers Registry KeysAllcred.txt
Credential Provider FiltersAllcredfilter.reg.txt
Ipconfig /DisplayDNSDns.txt
Wireless System Information SummaryEnvinfo.txt
Nbtstat OutputFilesharing.txt
Group Policy ResultsGpresult.txt
ARP Output and Netsh INT IPv6 Show Neighbors commandsNeighbors.txt
Network Events XMLNetevents.xml
Net Events LogNeteventslog.txt
Network IO stateNetiostate.txt
Network Profiles Registry keysNetworkprofiles.reg.txt
Winlogon Notifications Registry KeysNotif.reg.txt
Operating System InformationOsinfo.txt
Netsh Trace CaptureReport.etl
Report HTMLReport.html
System Port ConfigurationSysports.xml
System Ports Configuration Log FileSysportslog.txt
Running Tasks ListTempfile.txt
WCN InformationWcninfo.txt
WFP Filter ListWfpfilters.xml
WFP Filter List Log FileWfplog.log
WFP State ReportWfpstate.xml
WFP State Report Log FileWfpstatelog.txt
Windows Firewall ConfigurationWindowsfirewallconfig.txt
Windows Firewall Connection Security Event LogWindowsfirewallconseclog.evtx
Windows Firewall Connection Security Verbose Event LogWindowsfirewallconseclogverbose.evtx
Windows Firewall Effective Rules ListWindowsfirewalleffectiverules.txt
Windows Firewall Event LogWindowsfirewalllog.evtx
Windows Firewall Verbose Event LogWindowsfirewalllogverbose.evtx
Winsock Catalog Provider ListWinsockcatalog.txt
WLAN AutoConfig Event LogWlanautoconfiglog.evtx

Advanced Firewall Configuration
DescriptionFile Name
“Netsh adv show allprofiles” command{Computername}_netsh_adv_show_allprofiles.txt

Additional information

This diagnostic produces two vital pieces of information for solving IPsec issues: IKE logging and the Network trace from both endpoints. This diagnostic should be used only at the direction of a Microsoft Support Engineer.


For more information about the diagnostic tool, click the following article number to go to the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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