Folder Redirection functionality "Move Content to new location" can lead to dataloss

Applies to: Windows 7 Enterprise


When Folder Redirection is used in combination with the option "Move Content to new location"  loss of data may happen  if the storage where the redirected Folder are stored does not change.

More Information

-          You use Folder Redirection on Windows 7 Service Pack 1

-          You change the Network (UNC) Path to the redirected Data

-          The File Server storing the Data remains the same and the SMB1 protocol is used to Access the data

-          You have activated the function "Move Content to new location" 

-          The File Server does not support SMB Version 1 SMB_INFO_PASSTHROUGH (CAP_INFOLEVEL_PASSTHRU) Operations

If this is true, Folder Redirection might  delete the Data during the automatic  move process since it is unable to recognize that source and destination are on the same physical server.

SMB_INFO_PASSTHROUGH Operation Support is required for Folder Redirection to recognize that source and destination location is the same.

Since Windows 2000 ,Windows File Servers   have support  for SMB_INFO_PASSTHROUGH.

If you use a non Microsoft SMB Fileserver  , please consult the Device Vendor's Documentation