WIA Scan dialog displays JFIF and EXIF as JPG (JPEG image) Format

Applies to: Windows Vista BusinessWindows Vista EnterpriseWindows Vista Home Basic


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have a computer running Windows Vista or later.
  • A Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) compatible Scan Device is installed which supports the JFIF and EXIF file formats.
  • You select New Scan from the Device Properties.
  • You then click on the File Type dropdown menu.

In this scenario, when you scroll through the list of file formats, JPG (JPEG image) is listed twice.


When a WIA compatible scanner device supports both the EXIF and JFIF formats, the default WIA Scan Dialog (visible when scanning from Windows Fax and Scan and other WIA 2.0 applications) may display the entry “.JPG (JPEG image)” twice. This applies to all Windows versions starting with Windows Vista and includes Windows Server 2008 (provided that the Desktop Experience Pack is installed on the server).

More Information

In general, this does not indicate a problem with the Scan Device. For example, the inbox WSD Scan Driver (installed for WS-Scan devices on a Windows client for a WSD Scanner) correctly detects the EXIF and JFIF file formats reported by the device and converts these two formats to WiaImgFmt_JPEG (JFIF) and WiaImgFmt_EXIF (EXIF) for WIA applications, including the default Scan Dialog. These are then shown in the default Scan Dialog as “JPG (JPEG image)" formats.