[SDP 3][21971232-de19-4205-b5c9-c18f828726b4] COM and COMPlus ETW Data Collector

Applies to: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2Windows Vista UltimateWindows Vista Business


The COM / COM+ ETW data collector collects COM and COM+ ETW tracing.

More Information

This article describes the information that may be collected from a machine for COM / COM+ related troubleshooting.

Information collected

Operating System
Machine Name:

OS Name:

Last Reboot/Uptime:

User Account Control:


Computer System
Computer Model:


Machine Domain:


COM / COM+ ETW Tracing
DescriptionFile Name
COM / COM+ ETW trace files{Computername}_ comadmin.etl

{Computername}_ comsvcs.etl

{Computername}_ dcomscm.etl

{Computername}_ ole2.etl


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