Changes to PowerPivot Service application database in SharePoint Server 2013

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013


This article describes that you cannot use the following schema objects to monitor activity or schedule data refreshes of PowerPivot databases in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 (SharePoint 2013):
  • RedirectService
  • DataRefresh
Note All custom applications that use these two schema objects will not work correctly in SharePoint 2013.

The following lists explain the objects that are altered or deleted in the implementations of PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013.

Altered schemas:

  • [RedirectService]
  • [DataRefresh]

Removed tables:

  • [RedirectService].[ReadAssignments]
  • [RedirectService].[SuspiciousReadAssignments]
  • [DataRefresh].[Enqueue]
  • [DataRefresh].[Frequency]
  • [DataRefresh].[Items]
  • [DataRefresh].[RunDetails]
  • [DataRefresh].[RunResults]
  • [DataRefresh].[Runs]
  • [DataRefresh].[ScheduleDetails]
  • [DataRefresh].[Schedules]
  • [DataRefresh].[ScheduleStatus]

Removed functions:

  • [DataRefresh].[FN_CheckNotFinishedDataRefreshRuns]
  • [DataRefresh].[TimeOnly]
  • [DataRefresh].[DateOnly]

Removed stored procedures:

  • [RedirectService].[GetAssignmentByDatabaseID]
  • [RedirectService].[GetSuspiciousAssignmentsByServerName]
  • [RedirectService].[GetAssignmentBySharepointInfo]
  • [RedirectService].[GetAssignmentsBySPFileId]
  • [RedirectService].[GetAssignmentsByServername]
  • [RedirectService].[GetRunningAssignmentsWithMultipleCopies]
  • [RedirectService].[AddReadAssignment]
  • [RedirectService].[AbandonReadAssignment]
  • [RedirectService].[MarkReadAssignmentAsRunning]
  • [RedirectService].[MarkReadAssignmentAsAllocating]
  • [RedirectService].[MarkReadAssignmentAsLoading]
  • [RedirectService].[MarkReadAssignmentAsDetached]
  • [RedirectService].[ChangeAssignmentFromCacheToLoading]
  • [RedirectService].[RevertChangesOnCacheFailure]
  • [RedirectService].[UpdateAssignmentProperties]
  • [RedirectService].[UpdateDbStorageLocation]
  • [RedirectService].[UpdateLastAccessTime]
  • [RedirectService].[DeleteReadAssignment]
  • [RedirectService].[DeleteSuspiciousReadAssignment]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetLastRuns]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetLastFailedRuns]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetHungRuns]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetHungDataRefreshRunsOnServer]
  • [DataRefresh].[AddRunDetails]
  • [DataRefresh].[UpdateHeartBeat]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetHistory]
  • [DataRefresh].[UpdateRunProcessTimeWindow]
  • [DataRefresh].[ProcessNextScheduledRun]
  • [DataRefresh].[AddRun]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetIsSemaphoreNew]
  • [DataRefresh].[CheckLastModifiedBy]
  • [DataRefresh].[UpdateServiceLastHeartBeat]
  • [DataRefresh].[UpdateFieldIsSemaphoreNew]
  • [DataRefresh].[UpdateRunStatus]
  • [DataRefresh].[ScheduleRuns]
  • [DataRefresh].[PersistSchedule]
  • [DataRefresh].[PersistDataSourceSchedule]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetItemDataRefreshHistory]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetSchedule]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetDataSourcesWithTimingDetails]
  • [DataRefresh].[GetDataSources]
  • [DataRefresh].[DeleteSchedule]
  • [DataRefresh].[DisableSchedule]
  • [DataRefresh].[DoFailureAndInactivityCounting]

More Information

The PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 infrastructure has several significant changes in the release of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1). SharePoint 2013 natively handles many features that were previously considered PowerPivot for SharePoint features.

The loading and caching of the PowerPivot models are among these changes. In Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012 on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 farms, the PowerPivot service application database contains the RedirectService schema that defines two tables and many stored procedures. These tables and the stored procedures were used to track and maintain the mapping of PowerPivot databases to PowerPivot service applications. Instead, the mapping is maintained by Excel Calculation Services in SharePoint 2013. 

The data refresh mechanism that is used to process PowerPivot models is also overhauled and is integrated with Excel Calculation Services. Instead of storing the DataRefresh schedule in the PowerPivot service application database, the PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 stores the DataRefresh schedule in the workbook metadata. The obsolete tables and the related stored procedures that maintain the data refresh schedules are removed from the DataRefresh service application database.