Customized Power Management policy does not take effect on Windows 7

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Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a computer that is running Windows 7
  • You customize the Power Plan by editing the GPO using the Group Policy Management Console.
  • Under Computer Configuration or User Configuration
    └ Preferences
    └ Control Panel Settings
    └ Power Options
    1. You create new power plan, in ACTION column, choose Create option.
    2. In next column choose one of the three main default power plans available, choose High performance as an example.
    3. Check the set as the active power plan
    4. Customize power plan settings
    5. Click Ok and then finish policy setting.
    6. Restart the computer to apply computer policy.
In this scenario, the customized power plan policy created by Group Policy Management Editor does not apply. If you open power option, you will find the “High performance” box is not checked. But customized settings such as idle time are applied.


This is by design with Power Options if you choose Create or Replace option.


Do not choose Create or Replace option. The problem will not occur if you choose the Update option instead of 'Create'.

More Information

The difference with the Power Option preference item is the Action field, the Action field determines the action Group Policy processing applies to the specific preference item. Configuring a Power Option preference item to Create, it creates a new power option. However, if, on the computer applying the preference item, a power option with the same name exists, the preference item does nothing.
Update does provide additional functionality other than updating an existing power scheme with new settings. If you configure your Power Scheme preference item to update a power scheme that does not exist on the applying computer, then a new power scheme is created with that name.

Note Preference items are not policy settings, which means they are not enforced but just applied. When Group Policy applies power management preference items, those items become the current power management scheme, even after the user logs off.

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