How to resolve the issue that actions such as cut and copy cannot be performed by using shortcut keys in Word for Mac 2011 (Easy Fix Article)

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Why after I finish installing Office Mac 2011 and start using it, the end of the shortcut key appears blank, and cannot be used to perform actions like cut and copy. How can I resolve this issue?


This issue might occur if after installing the program, the relevant settings of the keyboard functions are not correctly associated and used, or the settings are not properly configured because the Normal.dotm file used in the Word program is inaccurate.


Open Word 2011, click Tools, and then click Customize Keyboard.

Then click Edit, locate the shortcut keys that you frequently used, for example Cut, Copy, Paste, and then enter the shortcut keys that you want to modify. When done, click OK.

Now the functions of the shortcut keys should be back to normal. If this still doesn't work, please close Word 2011, open Finder, look in the following path and locate Normal.dotm, then delete the file and reopen Word 2011. Now the problem should be resolved.

/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates


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