There is a noticeable delay when printing an XPS file from XPS Viewer in Windows

Applies to: Windows Vista BusinessWindows Vista EnterpriseWindows Vista Home Basic


Consider this scenario;
  • You have a computer running Windows Vista or above
  • You have a printer installed using a Version 3 or Version 4 XPS Printer Driver
  • You open an XPS file in the XPS Viewer
  • You print the file to the Printer using an XPS printer driver

In this scenario, after clicking the Print button to print the file. You will notice a performance issue in that there will be a slight delay before the first page is printed.


With XPS printing, the spooled file needs to be unpackaged and assembled before the job is sent to the device.


In order to work around this issue from the XPS Viewer, print to a Printer that uses a Non-XPS printer driver or use another XPS Viewer application.

More Information

In general this does not indicate a problem with the operating system or print device. Basically there are two APIs for XPS printing: the streaming API and the OM API. The XPS viewer uses the streaming API which the spooled file needs to be completely unpackaged and assembled before it can be sent to the print device.

For information with regards to APIs for XPS Printing see the following MSDN article.