Resources for the top Outlook issues in Office 365

Applies to: Outlook 2013Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Office Outlook 2007


Microsoft Outlook is a feature-rich client application that lets you complete many different tasks. Beyond just sending and receiving email messages, you can use Outlook to manage contacts, share calendars, implement business workflows, and integrate with several other applications, such as Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SharePoint. To help you solve problems in some of the most common issue areas, we compiled a list of resources into this single reference article.

In the "More information" section, you will find resources on the following topics:
  • Connectivity with your mailbox in Office 365
  • How to use Outlook features
These resources were created to help out in areas of the product that customers use most frequently or that generate the most questions.

More Information

Connectivity with your mailbox

The following resources can be used to help you configure Outlook to connect with your Office 365 mailbox and to help resolve problems when you cannot connect to your mailbox:

How to troubleshoot if Outlook cannot connect to Office 365

How to use Outlook features

The following resources can help you get started with some of the more advanced features and functionality that are offered by Outlook in the Office 365 environment:

How to import mail, contacts, and other data into your Office 365 account

Training for sharing contacts with other users

How to recover deleted email messages in Exchange Online

How to create a public email alias in Office 365 (also includes instructions for creating a shared mailbox)

The Sync Issues folder for Outlook 2010 contains warnings such as "Synchronization of some deletions failed"