Excel cannot change the paper size using Mac RDC


You cannot change the Paper Size in Excel when using the Macintosh Remote Desktop Client (RDC) with a redirected printer. The Paper Size option may be disabled or may not do anything when selected. This occurs when you use the "Use a printer that is connected to the Mac" option in RDC Preferences and connect to a Windows Terminal Server to run Windows Excel from the Terminal Server.


This is a limitation in the design of the Macintosh Remote Desktop Client. The Macintosh Remote Desktop Client supports printer redirection with minimal functionality. It does not support the full features of a printer which are required for Excel to determine what paper size is available from the printer.


  • Switch to a printer that is located on the Terminal Server, change the paper size and then change the printer back to the redirected printer.
  • Turn off the "Use a printer that is connected to the Mac" option in RDC Preferences. Instead of the redirected printer use a printer driver located on the Terminal Server. Note: the administrator may be able to map printer drivers to networked printers if the infrastructure is available.

More Information

This limitation will also cause a run-time error in VBA code that changes the PageSetup.PaperSize property.

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