An InfoPath 2010 form does not work after you upgrade to SharePoint Server 2013

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013


Assume that a Microsoft InfoPath 2010 form has a data connection to a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 list. After you upgrade to SharePoint Server 2013, the form does not work.


To resolve this issue, apply the following hotfix package:
2752020 Description of the SharePoint Server 2013 hotfix package (ifsmui-en-us.msp; ifswfe-x-none.msp): April 9, 2013

More Information

Following the upgrade to SharePoint Server 2013, if you want to enable the original performance optimization settings for the InfoPath form, you can run the following PowerShell commands from the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell on a front-end web server in the SharePoint farm.

$f = Get-SPInfoPathFormsService
$f.Properties.Add("AllowEventPropagation", $false)

To remove the performance optimization settings, run the following PowerShell commands:

$f = Get-SPInfoPathFormsService