The picture cannot rotate by "Ctrl+," or "Ctrl+." shortcut key with Traditional Chinese language in Windows Photo Viewer

Applies to: Windows 8Windows 8 Pro


Consider the following scenario:

On a Windows 8 PC with Traditional Chinese Language pack installed, you open a picture in Windows Photo Viewer. When attempting to rotate a picture using the shortcut key – ‘Ctrl+,’ or ‘Ctrl+.’, you may instead see one of the following behaviors:
  • Once you click the shortcut key, the picture will not rotate to its position as expected.
  • An Traditional Chinese IME dialog will be called instead of the expected rotate action.


The problem occurs because these shortcut keys have been used by Traditional Chinese IME.


A workaround is to switch the input language to a non-CHT one in the system. These hotkeys cannot be disabled or blocked in CHT IMEs since they are daily used by CHT IME users.

More Information

Reproduce steps

1.       Boot system to Traditional Chinese Windows 8 OS or add Traditional Chinese language pack in English OS

2.       Copy some pictures to system

3.       Click the mouse right button on the picture, select “Preview”. System will launch Windows Photo Viewer automatically

4.       Press the ‘Ctrl+,’ or ‘Ctrl+.’ shortcut key to rotate the picture