Unable to burn files to a disc when you open the folder through Frequent Folders Jump List on Windows 8

Applies to: Windows 8Windows 8 EnterpriseWindows 8 Enterprise N


Consider the following scenario:
  • You are using Windows 8 on a computer with has an optical disc drive (for example, a DVD-RW drive).
  • You insert a disc which has been recorded in Mastered (ISO) mode. (For example, if you burned the disc using Windows, you chose to format it for use "With a CD/DVD player.")
  • You open the disc folder by right-clicking the Windows Explorer icon on the taskbar, and then choosing the drive letter from the "Frequent" section of the Jump List. For example, you click on "DVD RW Drive (F:)" in the list below:

In this scenario, after the folder window is opened, you will see the existing files on the disc, but you may not be able to add additional files to it. If you try to drag additional files to the window, you receive an error message stating that there is not enough space on the disc.


This behavior occurs because when you access the DVD-RW drive through the "Frequent" Jump List, Windows Explorer does not open the correct DVD-RW burning folder.


To work around this issue, access the DVD-RW drive folder in a different way. For example, click on File Explorer in the Jump List, then click on the DVD-RW drive under "Computer" in the tree view on the left.