Windows 8 upgrade hangs on Sony VAIO Z laptop

Applies to: Windows 8


Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a Sony VAIO Z laptop running Windows 7.
  • The VAIO Z laptop is attached to an external media dock.
  • You upgrade the system to Windows 8.

During the upgrade, the system can hang approximately at 48% during the installation.


The upgrade does not complete due to an issue with the Windows 8 PCI driver. 


Steps to upgrade to Windows 8 successfully without the media docking station:

  • Copy the Windows 8 DVD files to the local hard disk drive, a USB flash drive, or a local storage device, then run the upgrade setup locally with the laptop disconnected from the docking station.


  • While disconnected from the docking station, use a USB optical DVD drive connected to the VAIO Z via USB when performing the Windows 8 Upgrade via DVD.