[SDP 3][06a811f6-1fbe-4438-8b7b-ed64ce884d22] System Center 2012 Operations Manager Diagnostic

Applies to: Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager


The System Center Operations Manager Diagnostics is designed to collect information to help troubleshoot most Operations Manager 2012 problems.

More Information

This article describes the information that may be collected from a machine when running the System Center 2012 Operations Manager Diagnostics.

This diagnostic package should only be run on a management server in the System Center 2012 Operations Manager management group. It will not provide diagnostic results if it is run on an agent managed machine.

Information Collected

Operating System Information
DescriptionFile Name
SystemInfo.exe Output{ComputerName}_SysInfo.txt
TaskList.exe Output{ComputerName}_TaskList.txt
Status of All Services{ComputerName}_Services.txt
Resultant Set of Policy Information – txt and htm formats{ComputerName}_GPResult.*
Installed Updates and Hotfixes – csv, htm, and txt formats{ComputerName}_Hotfixes.*
MSInfo32 Output{ComputerName}_MSInfo.nfo
Operating System Information Summary{ComputerName}_OS_Summary.txt

Event Logs
DescriptionFile Name
Application Log – csv, evtx, and txt formats{ComputerName}_evt_Application.*
System – csv, evtx, and txt formats{ComputerName}_evt_System.*
Operations Manager – csv, evtx, and txt formats{ComputerName}_evt_OperationsManager.*

Operations Manager Management Group Information
DescriptionFile Name
Management Group Topology{ComputerName}_MGTopology.txt
Active Alert Information – csv and txt format{ComputerName}_AlertInfo.*
Event Collection Information– csv and txt format{ComputerName}_EventInfo.*
Installed Server Roles{ComputerName}_OpsMgrStatus.txt
Operational database grooming Settings{ComputerName}_OperationsManagerDB_GroomingSettings.txt

Operations Manager SQL Database Information
DescriptionFile Name
Output of SP_WHO2{ComputerName}_sp_who2.txt
Output of DBCC SHOW CONTIG{ComputerName}_ShowContig.txt
Table sizes for tables in the Operational database{ComputerName}_OperationsDB_TableSizes.csv
Table sizes for tables in the Data Warehouse database{ComputerName}_DW_TableSizes.csv
Database Role members – csv and txt format{ComputerName}_DB Role Members.*
Output of __MOMManagementGroupInfo__ Table__MOMManagementGroupInfo__.csv
*SQL Server information is collected remotely from the Management Server from which the SDP manifest is executed.

Operations Manager Logs
DescriptionFile Name
APM Provider LogTracingGuidsAPM.log
Data Access Provider logTracingGuidsBID.log
Resource Pool Failover Provider logTracingGuidsFailover.log
Managed Code Provider logTracingGuidsManaged.log
Native Health Service Provider logTracingGuidsNative.log
Script Provider tracing logTracingGuidsScript.log
Operations Manager UI provider logTracingGuidsUI.log


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