Description of specific logs that are required for investigation of BlackBerry


Specific logs are required when you investigate BlackBerry single-user and device issues. The following information must be submitted to Microsoft Online Services Support regarding these issues:
  • Required log type
  • Required date logs
  • BlackBerry ticket number
Microsoft only makes BlackBerry logs available for break-fix issues. Additionally, a BlackBerry support ticket number is required.

More Information

The following list describes the type and organization of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) logs. BES logs are stored on each server in separate folders for each day. Depending on the services that are running on the server, the log folder contains a subset of the following logs:
  • EWSA - EWS component log - New in Hosted BES
  • ACNV - BlackBerry Attachment Service attachment conversion
  • ALRT - BlackBerry Enterprise Server Alert Tool
  • ASCL - BlackBerry Attachment Service client
  • ASMN - BlackBerry Attachment Service attachment monitor
  • ASRV - BlackBerry Attachment Service component
  • BBAS-AS - BlackBerry Administration Service - Application Server
  • BBAS-NCC - BlackBerry Administration Service - Native Code Container
  • CBCK - backup connector
  • CEXC - Microsoft Exchange connector
  • CMNG - management connector
  • ConfigTool - BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express configuration tool
  • CONN - BlackBerry Synchronization Connector
  • CTRL - BlackBerry Controller
  • DBNS - BlackBerry database notification service
  • DISP - BlackBerry Dispatcher
  • EXTS - extension connector
  • HHCG - BlackBerry Configuration Panel
  • MAGT - BlackBerry Messaging Agent
  • MAST - BlackBerry Mail Store Service
  • POLC - BlackBerry Policy Service
  • ROUT - BlackBerry Router
  • SYNC - BlackBerry Synchronization Service
  • TAT - BlackBerry Threshold Analysis Tool

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