Direct Access- The specified certificate is not available on the local server"


While trying to setup Remote Access (Direct Access) in environment with following parameters:

> Single adapter
> NLS on the Direct Access server
> In Load balancing using NLB

When you add the 2nd node to the NLB cluster you will get an error in verifying the NLS component.

The error will be: "The specified certificate is invalid. Select a certificate with a name that matches the name specified on the Network Location Server page of the Infrastructure Setup Wizard, and resolves to the internal address of the selected server"

Due to this error you will not be able to proceed on the adding the second node to the NLB cluster.


At this point if you check the Step 3 for the configuration of the 1st node you will notice the following error:

"The specified certificate is not available on the local server. Ensure that the certificate subject name resolves to the IP address of the internal adapter of the server"

This error starts as soon as you enable Load balancing on the Remote Access.


As a workaround you can use Powershell to add the second node to the cluster.
The command for that will be :

Add-RemoteAccessLoadBalancerNode -RemoteAccessServer <server name>