Wildcard causes Offline Files Service crash in Slow-Link plicy

Applies to: Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows 7 Home PremiumWindows 7 Professional


In Windows 7 Offline Files Policies,

Computer(User) Configuration\Administrative Templates\Network\Offline Files\Configure Slow-Link mode

This policy setting controls the network latency and throughput thresholds that will cause a client computers to transition files and folders that are already available offline to the slow-link mode so that the user's access to this data is not degraded due to network slowness.

If you enable this policy setting, Offline Files uses the slow-link mode if the network throughput between the client and the server is below (slower than) the Throughput threshold parameter, or if the round-trip network latency is above (slower than) the Latency threshold parameter.

You can configure the slow-link mode by specifying threshold values for Throughput (in bits per second) and/or Latency (in milliseconds) for specific UNC paths.

In this policy Options guide, it suggests:

To enable the slow-link mode to apply to all shares on a server named "server" when network latency is greater than 50ms:

Value Name=\\server\* Value="Latency=50"

To enable the slow link mode to apply to the share named "\\server\share" when network throughput is less than 10000 bits per second:

Value Name="\\server\share\*"


Here, in the Value Name of UNC path, there's a "\*" referring "all the subfolders under current path".

However, the Wildcard("\*) doesnt apply to every scenario. For example,

If you have a UNC path like \\server\share\dir1\dir2\* you want to set Slow-link on, the Offline Files service will fail or crash when handling the slow-link policy parameters.


If user configured path for slowlink is bigger than \\server\share like \\server\share\dir1\dir2\*,Offline Files service tried to find match policy when transitioning the path \\server\share\dir1\dir2 to offline/online, it would find the invalid policy which  does not contain user configured latency/throughput. Then the Offline Files service crash due to this issue.


Do not apply "\*" with UNC path that is longer than \\server\share;

More Information

This is a known issue in Windows. This issue has been fixed in Windows 8.