A line appears through the header text in an Access form

Applies to: Access 2013Access 2010Microsoft Office Access 2007

When you work in a form in Microsoft Access, you see a line displayed through the header link text. For example, this line appears in the Project List form as follows:

Image 1

This issue occurs when the Display size for your computer screen is set to 125 percent or 150 percent.


To resolve this issue, remove the image from the form's Picture property. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Open each of the affected forms in Design view. To do this, click the View icon on the ribbon, and then click Design View.

    Image 2
  2. Follow the step that is appropriate for your version of Access:
    • Access 2013: In the Design section of the ribbon, click the Property Sheet icon.
    • Access 2010 or Access 2007: In the Tools section of the ribbon, click the Property Sheet icon.
  3. At the top of the Property Sheet area, click Form in the Selection type list.

    Image 3
  4. On the Format tab, locate the Picture property.
  5. In the Picture property list, select the picture name, and then press Delete.

    Image 4
  6. When you are prompted to remove the picture from the form, click Yes.
  7. Close the form, and save the changes.


This issue occurs because an image is embedded in the form's Picture property, but the embedded image does not resize when you resize the computer display. Therefore, lines in the image appear out of position in the resized display.

More Information

The following are the Access Desktop Database templates and their forms that are affected by this issue.
  • Desktop Project Management

    • Project List
    • Project Details
    • Employee List
    • Employee Details
    • Completed and Deferred Projects
    • Task Details
  • Desktop Issue Tracking

    • Issue List
    • Issue Details
Note These templates were built for Microsoft Office Access 2007. Some features in these templates, such as Collect Data and the charting components, were removed in Microsoft Access 2013. See list of changes in Access 2013 for more information.

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