[SDP3][1f771a07-0e25-4f08-a66b-6abe3fef6c62] Wireless Interactive Diagnostic Package

Applies to: Windows 7 Service Pack 1Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1Windows 8


The Wireless troubleshooter was designed to collect information to help troubleshooting most wireless issues including 802.11, Mobile Broadband, and 802.1x problems. The troublshooter is applicable to Win7/2008 R2 and newer OS releases.

More Information

This article describes the information that may be collected from a machine when running the Wireless troubleshooter.

Information Collected

DescriptionFile name
Archive containing Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) data to illustrate screenshots of the repro activity
IDNA tracefile for Wired Autoconfig service (802.1x)
Advanced Troubleshooter only
{ComputerName}_dot3svc.run, dot3svc.out
IDNA tracefile for Wireless LAN Autoconfig service
*Advanced Troubleshooter only
{ComputerName}_wlansvc.run, wlansvc.out
IDNA tracefile for Wireless WAN Autoconfig service (Mobile Broadband)
*Advanced Troubleshooter only
{ComputerName}_wwansvc.run, wwansvc.out
Integrated network packet capture and component ETW file. The file name will vary depending on the components active on the system. WWAN, WLAN, and 802.1X services are the valid components
*Basic and Advanced Troubleshooter only
Logfiles for Remote Access components including RASMAN, PPP, EAP, TAPI, VPN, IpHlpSvc, IPSEC, and Kerberos
System and wireless-specific event data
Network packet capture, optionally including integrated ETW logging if applicable (not included in Express)
Resultant Set Of Policy (RSOP) data
Basic and Advanced Troubleshooter only


For more information about the Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services and about the Support Diagnostics Platform, please open the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

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